Prices within Coventry: there is no fuel charge.

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Option 1
2 Removal men and 2 Luton vans £60ph

3 Removal men and 2 Luton vans £70ph

4 Removal men and 2 Luton vans £80ph

Option 2
2 Removal men and a Luton van £50ph

3 Removal men and a Luton van £60ph

As explained elsewhere on this website our services are flexible to accommodate your needs please feel free to call to discuss your requirements with one of our team if your move is not as straight forward as the pricing plan.

Man power explained:

A one-man removal service saves you the hassle and expense of van hire, not to be confused with man and a van services offered on the internet. Our men are proper removal men not part time chuck it on/chuck it off specialists. You help bring out the furniture and our driver will cover and strap your possessions securely making the most of the available room within the van.

With two removal men they will load, cover, and strap, your items, it is quicker and a lot easier for you eliminating the risk of damage to your items and your property.

With three removal men, one man can stay on the van to cover and strap your items whilst the other two men bring the items out to him, much quicker and even easier for you.