The insurance we use is to cover our liability to our customer under contract. It is not an insurance policy that gives cover to customers for loss or damage to their goods. Our insurance will pay compensation to our customer on our behalf, should we lose or damage any of our customer’s goods due to me, or my employees, being negligent.

We cannot sell or offer insurance to our customer. The insurance we have taken out is for our benefit. We can tell our customer that we are insured should anything happen, but no insurance has been arranged in their name, the customer. If we were to sell or offer insurance, we will be deemed to be selling or giving insurance advice which, unless we are registered by the Financial Conduct Authority, is forbidden and could incur a hefty fine and or imprisonment.

Please note:

Most household contents insurance policies will cover loss or damage to household contents during a removal within the UK and our insurer suggests that you should insure that your contents insurance includes cover for any loss or damage during your removal. In the event of a loss, the householder contents insurer will make a claim on our policy once they have paid you, the policy holder.

Our insurer will not pay claims unless there is a valued inventory prepared by you, the customer, and prior to the removal. This can be emailed to you on request.

The insurance we have taken out will only settle claims where a valued inventory of the items being moved, which has been signed by the owner, has been obtained prior to the removal. This is very important as any item not on the inventory will not be covered.