How to choose your removal company

You’re moving house, everything is incredibly stressful, and you need to find the right removal service for the job. You search for removals companies, ask family friends for recommendations, but you just don’t know where to start. Our guide helps to explain exactly what to look out for, when there are red flags, and how to get over that.

Based in Coventry, we will cover the majority of moves to and from the city, and the surrounding areas.

  1. Check insurance

Any reputable removals company, whether it is one man and a van, or a full removals service legally should have the correct insurance. What we mean by this is full and comprehensive liability insurance so that if the worst were to happen in terms of an injury or accident, you’d be covered.

There should also be insurance in place, by the company, for goods-in-transit. Should an accident occur, you need to be sure that your belongings are fully covered so that you are not at a loss should the worst eventuality happen.

2. Check the rate

If the rate is exceptionally low, consider why. Will your goods be safe? Will the company load your belongings onto a truck and drive into the sunset?

When getting quotes from removals companies, ensure that you know everything there is to know about them as a business, know where to find them and take note of the vehicles that they use.

3. Equipment

What equipment has the company got to offer? If it’s just a few sheets and nothing to secure your furniture or valuables in the back of the van, you might want to re-think them. It’s important to ask these questions and understand exactly how your valuables are going to be secured to save you worry, hassle, and most of all, expense!

4. Pre-move home survey

Check that the company offers a pre-move survey before you ask them to complete the removal. For peace of mind you’ll want to be sure that the removal company will take stock of what they’re loading, and in which load, from where and to where!

5. Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are often overlooked, but are essential in deciding on a removal company. After all, removals are a personable job, we’re dealing with people in one of the most stressful situations – moving from one home to another. So, ensuring that the company you choose is as good with their customers as they profess will help to make that decision – and the best way to go about that is to go directly to customers. What are they saying online? What do their Google reviews look like? If there are common issues in reviews, it could be the sign of a red flag!

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