Five ESSENTIAL things to do when you’re moving house

You’ve got the keys to your new house, and by now you will have heard all the stories (if you haven’t already experienced it yourself before that is) moving house is one of the most stressful experiences one can come face-to-face with.

It’s up there with becoming a parent, changing careers and the death of a loved one. This is a bit extreme as compared to some of life’s events, it’s very trivial – moving to a new house really doesn’t have to be so stressful.

It can be annoying, time consuming and most of the time you’ll just want it over with. You need to change utilities, change addresses at every single place you’ve ever interacted with, swap over the broadband (oh the internet!), change driving licences, bank accounts, you name it you’ll need to make sure all the paperwork is correct.

Not to mention the stress involved in the house search and every stage in even getting to moving day. But, now you’re here, it’s so important to make sure you make the day as stress-free as possible for yourselves. By having professional movers who are experienced, can get in and out to get the job done, you’re setting yourself up for success before you’ve even begun.

Pack an “essentials” kit

Make sure you’ve got a kettle and some mugs, you’ll definitely need to refuel (and our crew too!), screwdrivers, lightbulbs, batteries – anything that you may need when setting things up. Being able to locate these kinds of things early on is a must!

Set up beds

After one of the busiest days you’ll probably have, you’ll need somewhere to fully rest, so ensuring that your beds are made before you get too tired is essential!

Pack activity packs

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know just how easily they get bored. Unless you have an infinite amount of mobile data, you’ll know that YouTube isn’t an option to keep them occupied – especially with the usual delay in moving broadband to a new address. That’s why we’d always recommend packing some colours, colouring books, small toys to keep the little ones occupied.

Pack & unpack one room at a time

It can be tempting to pack everything up all at once to get started, but by packing up the house bit by bit, room by room, it means that you won’t be in a massive mess the other end. Each box can be dropped off in the relevant room.

Notify all that need to know about your change of address

Write out a list of all your bills and utilities that need to be changed, the council you may need to inform or change to for council tax (depending on where you are moving to), any car documents, finance agreements, bank accounts etc. All will need to know. You can as well get your mail officially redirected by Royal Mail, but ensuring every one has an up to date forwarding address for you is just as effective.

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