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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use hourly rates?

We have learnt in the past that there are people who are very efficient packers and movers and then there are inefficient ones. e.g. If there was nothing ready to move on the day, e.g. no packing done, nothing stripped and ready to go, and you have previously agreed a fixed price for a certain amount of time then rather than let that person down and walk away we would complete the move for the price agreed even though the person did not prepare for the move as agreed. Not only are we out of pocket but we have lost valuable time which has a knock on effect with our other customers.

Will you transport our pets?

Unfortunately we do not transport pets for owners. This part of the move is the owner’s responsibility.

There are 2 seats for passengers but we have 3 people, can someone sit in the back of the van?

Definitely not! It is illegal to carry anyone in the rear of our vehicles.

Can I smoke in your van?

Smoking inside our vans is strictly prohibited. If you do need to smoke we would advise having one before we set off. however, keep in mind we run on a hourly charge.

If I am not ready on time will you wait?

Yes but you will be charged the hourly rate while we wait for you.

Our move date has changed what shall I do?

PLEASE tell us ASAP we can re-book you for a new date. There is no charge for a cancellation due to date changes.

Are there any cancellation charges?

If a cancellation is made up to 48hrs before the time there is no charge, anything less than 48hrs notice may possibly incur a £40 fee. This only applies to cancellations that are due to circumstances that could have been avoided.

Do you move garden items?

We are a removal company that uses our vans for furniture, if your garden items are clean and you don’t mind them being in with your household goods then we can move them for you. This is at our discretion as muddy plant pots and other dirty items should be segregated and charged separately as the vans have to be hosed out afterwards so are technically off the road until thoroughly clean.settings.

My friends were helping me move but they haven't turned up, I've only booked 1 man and a van?

That is a problem as 1 man can’t lift heavy objects such as wardrobes and washing machines on their own. There are a few options:

We wait till they arrive but you will be charged for the wait.
We call for 1 or 2 people to help but you will be charged for the extra help.
We reschedule the move. We are not always able to do this at such short notice. There may be a charge.

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